What most people don’t know about Kisoro

*What most people don’t know about Kisoro!* 

In Kisoro on mountain Sabinyo is the only place where one can stand & be in 3 countries at once, that is DR. Congo, Rwanda & Uganda.

Kisoro is  a basin, and can be accessed by aeroplane or via the hills of Kanaba on the exit of Echuya forest along Kabale Kisoro road.

Traditionally it is believed that Kisoro people are one of the most hospitable on the earth, having the origin of word Kisoro from English people “KissAll” in colonial times by missionaries as the people in the area use kisses and hugs (Guhoberana) when greeting and expressing welcome

Kisoro has a volcanic open hole called Kumuleremure where things drowned in it are later either found in lake Mutanda or lake Burera.

Kisoro is the only area in Uganda that experiences Katabatic and unbatic winds on daily basis.

Kisoro is the only inspiring area in Uganda with the at least three volcanic mountains & the highest peak Muhabura with a crator lake on top of it. Join our April sabinyo hiking team (8-10th